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Ten Things: Data Privacy – The Essentials

As in-house counsel, you have probably been asked the following question by a panicked (or at least pretty stressed-out) CEO or CFO: “What are we doing about data privacy? Are we okay?”  You likely have a good answer, or at least the start of one.  Still, your answer may be as open-ended as the question and you can feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information on the topic.  I know that you want to read another article about data privacy about as much as you’d like to have a safe dropped on your head.  But, don’t stop reading.  This will not be an overly-detailed discussion about all of the nuances of the issue or a list of regulations and laws of multiple countries (though those discussions are valuable). This edition of “Ten Things” will set out the essential things you need to know about data privacy — key points that you can focus on as you work through or oversee data issues for your company.