Ten Things: An Index to All the Posts (November 2014 – February 2022)

Howdy, everyone!  Greetings again from Texas.  It’s been a while since I last did an index to all of the posts in the “Ten Things” blog.  Since the last one (July 2020), we’ve added over 1,300 new subscribers and we are now over 5,400!   And we are well into year eight of the blog.  All of which just absolutely, positively blows my mind.  A huge “thank you” to all the loyal readers out there, especially to those who pass along the blogs to friends, colleagues, and on LinkedIn.  That said, I know it can be a pain in the ass to wade through all of the blogs and try to find what you’re looking for.  So, for all of you new kids and for you crusty veterans, this index post is long overdue.  I may get around to putting an index on the site, but if you saw my desk, you’d realize just how much of a pipe dream that is.  I do have a new blog ready to go, but have decided to publish it next month and we’ll put the “act” back into “practical” (man, that sounded way better in my head).

This edition of “Ten Things” sets out – in chronological order – all of the “Ten Things You Need to Know as In-House Counsel” blogs, from the November 2014 introduction to last month’s post on building your executive presence in-house.  It was fun for me to look back through these.  I found a few surprises that made me go “when did I write that?” and “why do I have so much free time?”  The first ones are a little rough, but I got better – I think.  You be the judge:

  1. Introduction
  2. How to be a Successful In-House Counsel
  3. All I Want for Christmas is a FCPA/Anti-Bribery Health Check
  4. Time for a Conversation About Drafting Documents and Emails
  5. Your Company Has Just Been Sued. Now What?
  6. Help Your Client Get Their Contract Through Legal Quickly
  7. Setting Goals for the Legal Department
  8. Simple Ways to Retain and Reward Your People
  9. Effectively Managing Outside Counsel Spend
  10. Running an Effective Staff Meeting
  11. Increasing Efficiency in the Legal Department Through Technology
  12. How to Run a Government Affairs Campaign
  13. Crisis Preparation 101
  14. Trade Secrets and Protecting Your Company
  15. Partnering with HR (1 + 1 = 3)
  16. Trade Associations and Legal Risk
  17. Data Privacy –The Essentials
  18. Protecting Your Company’s Reputation and Brand
  19. Index to Posts – November 2014 to May 2015
  20. Website User Agreements
  21. Explaining Litigation to the Board and the CEO
  22. Creating a Client Satisfaction Survey
  23. Common Ethics Issues for In-House Counsel
  24. Insurance Law Basics for In-House Counsel
  25. The Attorney-Client Privilege – What You Need to Know
  26. The “Safe Harbor Agreement” Invalidated – What Should I do Next?
  27. How to Be More Productive Every Day
  28. Preparing for When “Bad Things” Happen
  29. Becoming General Counsel
  30. Ten Best Legal Blogs for In-House Counsel -2015
  31. In-House Counsel “To Do” List for 2016
  32. Record Retention – Policies, Programs, and More
  33. Europe’s New Data Protection Law: What You Really Need to Know
  34. Writing Skills for In-House Counsel (It’s Different In-House)
  35. What In-House Lawyers Really Want from Outside Counsel
  36. Settlement Agreements – Making Sure it’s Really Over
  37. Basic Corporate Governance for In-House Counsel
  38. Dealing with the Board of Directors
  39. Europe’s New Data Privacy Law: What You Really Need to Know
  40. Index to All the Posts – November 2014 to May 2016
  41. How to Negotiate: Practical Tips for In-House Counsel
  42. Spotting, Analyzing and Managing “Risk”
  43. Ten Habits of Highly Effective In-House Lawyers
  44. Cool Tech for In-House Lawyers (2016)
  45. Litigation Financing – a Primer
  46. How to Delegate – The Essentials
  47. How to Market the Legal Department to the Business
  48. How to Create a Great Legal Department Website
  49. The Search for the Perfect Arbitration Clause
  50. How to Plan a Legal Department Offsite
  51. An Index to All the Posts (November 2014 – November 2016)
  52. Preparing Outside Counsel Guidelines – The Keys
  53. Legal Blogs You Should Check Out (2016 Edition)
  54. Succession Planning for In-House Legal Departments
  55. Working From Home: Can it Really Work for In-House Counsel?
  56. Ten Things In-House Lawyers Should Read Every Day
  57. The Essentials of a Successful Trans-Border Transaction
  58. Getting Internal Investigations Right
  59. Protecting Your Board of Directors
  60. Basic Finance for In-House Lawyers
  61. Ten Essential Legal Department Issues for 2017 (What You Should be Focused on Right Now)
  62. What In-House Counsel Need to Know About Social Media Pitfalls
  63. How to Make Your In-House Clients Love You (and the Legal Department)
  64. Slaying the Email Jabberwocky
  65. An Index to All the Posts (November 2014 to June 2017)
  66. Getting the Most Out of Mediation
  67. Legal Project Management for Beginners
  68. Artificial Intelligence – What Every Legal Department Really Needs to Know
  69. Cool Tech for In-House Lawyers (2017)
  70. Career Killers – Ten Things Not to Do as In-House Counsel
  71. Things In-House Counsel Should be Doing Before a Data Breach Occurs
  72. How to Prepare an Annual Legal Department Budget
  73. Things That Should Scare the S#%@ Out of In-House Lawyers
  74. Creating an In-House Patent Program
  75. Legal Blogs You Should Check Out (2017 Edition)
  76. Making Legal the Department of Yes
  77. Early Case Assessments – What In-House Lawyers Need to Know
  78. Legal Department of One – A Survival Guide
  79. How to Lead
  80. I Know It’s Only Boilerplate (But I Like It)
  81. Ten Essential Legal Issues for In-House Counsel (2018 Edition)
  82. Managing a Dispersed Legal Team
  83. My Boss is a Total [Censored] … What Do I Do?
  84. Sherman Act 2 – The Monopoly Man Cometh
  85. Buying and Implementing Legal Tech
  86. So You Want to Hold a Contest (and Not Go to Jail)?
  87. Creating a Good Contract Playbook
  88. What In-House Lawyers Need to Know About Joint Ventures
  89. Presenting Legal Issues to Senior Executives
  90. Sexual Harassment Claims in the #MeToo Era
  91. Cool Tech for In-House Counsel (2018 Edition)
  92. Legal Procurement – The Next Big Thing for In-House Lawyers
  93. Minimizing Risk in Commercial Contracts
  94. What to do When Your Company is the Subject of a Government Investigation
  95. Best Legal Blogs for In-House Counsel (2018 Edition)
  96. Essential Legal Issues for In-House Counsel (2019 Edition)
  97. Drafting an Enforceable Non-Compete Agreement
  98. Building a Strong Compliance Department
  99. Using Data Analytics in an In-House Legal Department
  100. Legal Operations – What In-House Lawyers Need to Know
  101. Attracting, Training, and Retaining In-House Talent
  102. A Primer on the Work Product Privilege
  103. Running an RFP Process the Right Way
  104. Ten KPIs All In-House Legal Departments Should Track
  105. Cool-Tech for In-House Lawyers (2019 Edition)
  106. How to Read a Contract
  107. Escaping Meeting Hell
  108. Software Audits – Scary Stuff
  109. Looking for a New In-House Job
  110. The “Strategic” In-House Lawyer
  111. Best Blogs for In-House Counsel (2019 Edition)
  112. Essential Issues for In-House Counsel (2020 Edition)
  113. Showing the Value of the Legal Department
  114. Dealing with a Pandemic (yes, I am Talking about the Corona Virus)
  115. Electronic Signatures (What In-House Counsel Need to Know)
  116. Ten (Non-Legal) Books All In-House Counsel Should Read
  117. Creating a “SWOT” Analysis for the Legal Department
  118. More Effective 1:1 Meetings (Employee View)
  119. More Effective 1:1 Meetings (Manager View)
  120. Preparing Board of Director Minutes
  121. Cool-Tech for In-House Lawyers (2020 Edition)
  122. Rules All In-House Counsel Should Live By
  123. Making Yourself “Indispensable”
  124. The Sherman Act: Section 1
  125. How to Fire Someone
  126. What Should In-House Counsel Do During Trial?
  127. My Favorite “Ten Things” Blog Posts (So Far…)
  128. Best Blogs for In-House Lawyers (2020 Edition)
  129. Essential Issues for In-House Counsel (2021 Edition)
  130. The Productive Power of “Little Things”
  131. Getting Performance Reviews Right
  132. What You Need to Know as a Woman In-House Lawyer
  133. Legal Departments and the Value of Huddle Meetings
  134. How In-House Lawyers Can Reduce Stress (In an Overly Stressful Job)
  135. Making Contracts Easier to Sign
  136. A “New to the Job” In-House Counsel Reading List
  137. Cool-Tech for In-House Counsel (2021 Edition)
  138. Taking Advantage of Opportunity to Build Your In-House Career the Right Way
  139. Managing Litigation: A Primer for In-House Counsel
  140. Ransomware: What In-House Counsel Need to Know
  141. Best Blogs (and Other Media) for In-House Lawyers (2021 Edition)
  142. Essential Issues for In-House Counsel (2022 Edition)
  143. Building Your Executive Presence In-House

Whew!  That’s a lot of blogs.  If you’ve slogged through them all, I owe you a drink or two.  As you know, I love to get feedback and suggestions for topics from all of you, so feel free to send me your thoughts and ideas.  And, if you would like a CLE/webinar for your legal department on any of the “Ten Things” posts, reach out to me at smiller@hilgersgraben.com and we’ll see what we can set up.

I have been asked to do a lot of live speaking in 2022 and I hope to see some of you readers at those events. I am excited to get back out on the road. In May, I will be speaking in Brooklyn at the Reuter’s Legal Leaders 2022[1] and at the annual CLOC Global Institute conference in Las Vegas.  In August, I’ll be in San Antonio at the Texas Bar’s annual Advanced In-House Counsel Institute.  In November, I will be in Portland for Oregon State Bar Corporate Counsel Section annual conference.  And, there are a few others in the works as well.  Just come on up and say “hi.”  If you have a book, I’ll sign it (even if it isn’t mine)!


That’s it for now –hopefully this was a helpful post and you’ll find a few things of interest.  Thanks again for reading and lots of great stuff still to come in 2022!  Take care and stay well, everyone.

Sterling Miller

March 31, 2022

My fifth book, Showing the Value of the Legal Department: More Than Just a Cost Center is available now!  As the ABA says, “Buy this book or we invade Nebraska…”  The ABA is serious about this.  And they know where Nebraska is (sorry mom)!  You can buy it HERE.  Now available as an e-book!

Cover of Value Book

Two of my books, Ten Things You Need to Know as In-House Counsel – Practical Advice and Successful Strategies and Ten (More) Things You Need to Know as In-House Counsel – Practical Advice and Successful Strategies Volume 2, are on sale now at the ABA website (including as e-books).

I have published two other books: The Evolution of Professional Football, and The Slow-Cooker Savant.  I am also available for speaking engagements, webinars/CLEs, coaching, training, and consulting.

Connect with me on Twitter @10ThingsLegal and on LinkedIn where I post articles and stories of interest to in-house counsel frequently.  

“Ten Things” is not legal advice nor legal opinion and represents my views only.  It is intended to provide practical tips and references to the busy in-house practitioner and other readers.  If you have questions or comments, ideas for a post, please contact me at sterling.miller@sbcglobal.net or, if you would like a CLE for your team on this or any topic in the blog, contact me at smiller@hilgersgraben.com.

[1] Use STERLING200 to get a $200 discount.


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