Month: February 2020

Ten Things: Showing the Value of the Legal Department

If there is one question in-house lawyers ask me the most, it’s this: how do I show the value of the legal department?  Boy, do I feel your pain.  Having sat in the general counsel chair several times, if there is anything more elusive than the answer to this particular question, I’d like to know what it is.  Sasquatch? The meaning of life? Why people eat New York-style pizza?  These dazzling riddles are all child’s play next to the Mount Everest of enigma presented by the topic of today’s post.  As I looked back through a list of my prior blog posts, I realize I have touched on this topic in several ways.  You should read these three as they contain lots of details integral to the discussion below:

Still, I realize that I have not really tied everything together and answered the question people want answered.  Sorry about that.  But, today is the day I correct that oversight.  This edition of “Ten Things” will discuss how best to go about “showing” the value of the legal department: