Month: December 2022

Ten Things: Best Blogs (and Other Media) for In-House Lawyers (2022 Edition)

Hello everyone and greetings from Copenhagen!  Mrs. Ten Thing’s family is from Denmark, so we have been fortunate enough to spend these holidays in Switzerland and Denmark.  It’s been chocolate, beer, and a lot of eating!  And no matter where you may be, I wish you a fantastic holiday season and all the best for 2023.  Speaking of 2023, we are now into the ninth year of the “Ten Things” blog.  How did that happen?  (Hopefully, no one out there is screaming “unfortunate accident!”).  Seriously, thank you all for sticking around for the ride, for the suggestions for topics, and, most of all, for the encouragement to keep on writing!  I don’t think my shelf life has expired yet, so I plan to keep it going at least until the magic ten-year mark.  I am also starting to work on the “Ten Things” podcast.  But don’t get too excited just yet.  That is probably a project for later next year as first I have to bear down and get the next book – on productivity – into the hands of the ABA before they send around the goon squad to make sure I am feverishly writing away.  It is kind of a Charles Dickens vibe – if Charles Dickens was lashed to his desk with piano wire and reminded daily to get writing or else the dog, grandma, and Tiny Tim get it in the head.  But I did sign on the line so the ABA will get their &%$#@ first draft soon enough.

But I digress.  A lot.  As usual.  So, let’s right the ship and get back on course.  I am excited about the final “Ten Things” blog of 2022 because, like every year, I end it by writing about all the other people you should be reading (or listening to) as part of your day-to-day in-house life.  And, as always, there are a lot of great content generators out there fighting for your attention.  Like in past years I am going to highlight a few that I follow and enjoy.  But I cannot list everyone because I handicapped myself by calling my blog “Ten Things” and not “One Hundred Things” and I am nothing if not slavishly true to the numerical predicament of my own making.  Which is a very long-winded way of saying, I am going to just list ten.  And, like always, there is no particular order to my list and I will not list past “winners” – even if they are still some of my favorites (and they are, like Presnell on Privileges, Mel Scott’s Counsel podcast, and Contract Nerds).[1]  If you want to get more recommendations, check out past editions of my “Best Blogs (and Other Media) for In-House Lawyers,” starting with the 2021 edition.[2]  Okay, enough with the tangents and ABA bashing, let’s get on with the 2022 edition!